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Customs By Shae was founded and created in August of 2020. One day I was working at my job as a leasing agent and I was looking at a video of this girl who was making some custom sneakers. It looked extremely simple and easy to learn, so I was immediately inspired! Being the natural entrepreneur that I am, I was way past being tired of working at my job and ready to make MY OWN MONEY! This same day I told my coworker my idea about starting a custom business making sneakers and whatever else I could think of that people would buy and could she help me create a logo. I then texted my sister and asked for a cute name that fit me but was simple and straight to the point. The next day CustomsByShae business cards were created along with an Instagram page, and Facebook page.


I took zero hesitation starting this business. I knew in my heart and soul that this was a move I was ready to make for myself ! Over time CustomsByShae became a less broad customization brand and I began to focus on the smoker essentials! I am 4/20 friendly so I relate with my customers and enjoy the products just as much as they do!


I truly enjoy seeing your ideas come to life and being able to relate and connect with each and every client through your passions and favorites added to your custom items. Thank you for trusting me and I can't wait to see what we create together!


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